Sit back and relax as you discover the features available at Fort Irwin's new premier dental facility.

Warm and Calming Decor

For those wanting a diversion or to take their minds off of being at the dentists, Fort Irwin's’s new dental spas provide the ultimate experience in dental health.

From soothing waterfalls, to Zen bamboo plants, every aspect of the dental facility is created to provide a warm, soothing, and relaxing environment.

Game Consoles

Years ago it was board games and coloring books that filled the dental office but today dental facilities are filled with video game consoles (PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii, and XBox 360) which makes the dental visit a pleasurable experience for all.

Irwin Family Dental believes creating a positive atmosphere and experience will stimulate positive oral healthcare habits.

Massaging Dental Chairs

All our treatment rooms are equipped with state-of-the-art, massaging dental chairs. These stylish dental chairs offer the ultimate in patient comfort. At the heart of the massage system are four independent air pillows that gently massage the lumber and upper back areas.

Thanks to advancements in dental chair technology, patients are whisked away to a place all their own. These massaging dental chairs soothe the soul and melt away anxiety.

Video Goggles and DirecTV

Addition to our massaging dental chairs, every treatment room has wearable viewing goggles that can project images to give the patient a 62 inch big screen image. The headsets are ergonomically designed to ensure comfort with long use.

Our facilities offer a wide selection of popular movies, television shows and music for patients to choose from during their dental treatment. Every treatment room is equipped with all the channels from DirecTV.